Us Postal Service Contractors

US Postal Service Contractors: A Vital Component of the American Postal System

The United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers billions of letters and packages each year to millions of households and businesses across the country. To handle this colossal task, the USPS operates a vast network of facilities and employs a workforce of more than 630,000.

But did you know that the USPS also relies heavily on contractors to perform a variety of services that are critical to the postal system`s smooth operation? In fact, the postal service relies on contractors for a wide range of tasks, from transportation to mail sorting and delivery.

In this article, we`ll take a closer look at the important role that contractors play in the USPS and how they help keep the postal system running.

Transportation Services: The Backbone of USPS Operations

The USPS contracts with a variety of transportation providers to move mail and packages across the country. Transportation contractors are responsible for everything from hauling mail between USPS facilities to providing last-mile delivery services to customers.

In addition to traditional trucking companies, the USPS also contracts with a vast network of independent contractors who use their personal vehicles to deliver mail and packages. Known as Rural Carriers, these contractors are a critical component of the postal system, especially in rural areas where USPS employees may have a difficult time reaching every household.

Mail Sorting: A Complex and Critical Task

Sorting and processing mail is a complex and time-consuming task that requires specialized equipment and expertise. The USPS relies on a variety of contractors to help with this process, including mail sorting machine manufacturers and maintenance providers.

One of the most important mail sorting contractors is the National Presort Inc. (NPI) and their sister company, Postal Presort. These two companies use sorting equipment to sort mail according to USPS standards, leading to cost savings for the postal service and faster delivery times for customers.

Delivery Services: Bringing Mail to Your Doorstep

Finally, the USPS works with contractors to deliver mail and packages to customers` homes and businesses. While USPS employees handle the bulk of delivery services, contractors play an essential role in providing last-mile delivery in areas where USPS trucks cannot reach.

One of the most well-known USPS delivery contractors is Amazon. The e-commerce giant has been working with the postal service for years to deliver packages to customers across the United States.


US Postal Service contractors are an essential part of the postal system, working alongside USPS employees to ensure that mail and packages are delivered quickly and efficiently. From transportation services to mail sorting and delivery, contractors play a critical role in the success of the USPS. So, the next time you receive a letter or package from the USPS, remember to thank the contractors who helped make it happen!